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Puppy Life at La Tierra

  • Puppy Life at La Tierra
    • Our Havanese are our life and love, and this fact is reflected in their daily lives. 
    • When we breed a litter, we do so in the hopes of producing an outstanding show dog and to perpetuate the qualities of the outstanding individuals and bloodlines with which we have been blessed. 
    • Puppies spend the first 4 weeks with their mother in a whelping box, then Rover pen, in the sitting area of our bedroom.  
    • Next they move to a larger area in our family room, where they have more room to run and play, and an opportunity to meet our other Havanese. 
    • Although they continue to spend time with their mother, they also learn to eat solid food. 
    • We spend a great deal of time each day with them. 
    • The puppies receive veterinary examinations at 3 days and 8 weeks, and start their vaccination schedule at 8 weeks.  
    • We typically place puppies in their forever homes between 10 and 12 weeks of age, with spay/neuter required.