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A Few Havanese FAQs
  1.  Are Havanese a non-shedding breed?  No.  Havanese are double-coated.  Their inner coat sheds and if not combed out regularly will matt in their outer coat.  However, Havanese have hair, not fur, which means they will likely shed far less than breeds with fur. 
  2. Are Havanese a hypo-allergenic breed?  No.  Because Havanese have hair, not fur, and shed far less than dogs with fur, some people who are allergic to some dogs are not allergic to Havanese.  However, some people who are generally or severely allergic to dogs are allergic to Havanese.  If you or someone in your home is allergic to dogs, be sure to disclose the issue to the breeder and spend enough time, in multiple visits, with the puppy you wish to adopt prior to adoption.  Otherwise you may be faced with the very sad necessity of returning a puppy you adopt to its breeder.
  3. Are Havanese good with children?  Yes, Havanese are generally good with children.  However, Havanese are toy dogs, and may be scared or injured by inappropriate advances and behavior by young children.  If you have younger children, carefully consider whether you have the time and ability to supervise your children with a Havanese puppy, or if a larger breed such as a Golden Retriever or Labrador is more appropriate for your family's first dog.  Havanese generally do well with older children, but even  conscientious older children and young teens need to be mindful of not inadvertently hurting a puppy. 
  4. How should children handle Havanese?  At a minimum, children should always sit on the floor when holding or play with Havanese. We have seen very conscientious older children inadvertently drop puppies when they hold them while sitting in a chair or while they are standing up.  Before getting a Havanese puppy for very young children, consider what one can reasonably expect of younger children, knowing that a drop on the head can cause serious injuries or death.