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La Tierra Champions
Havanese Champions Owned, Co-Owned or Bred-By La Tierra Havanese
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Note:  Our kennel name is "La Tierra," but for our show dogs, we use "Oeste," the kennel name of Julie Vogel, the breeder who gave us our start. 
Availability:  We occasionally place retired champions in pet homes. 
Please see Puppies for additional information on potential availability.  
Ch. Triple-H Lightning Strikes ("Angelito")

Ch. Amor's Just One Look ("Audrey")
Ch. Oeste's Fame de la Tierra ("Tina")

BISS Gold GChG. Oeste's Havnfun Playin An Outlaw ("Bart")

Ch. Skyline's Corazon de la Tierra R.O.M. ("Cori")
Ch. Oeste's Outlaw Angel ("Bela")

GCh. Oeste's Outlaw Queen ("Bonita")
Ch. Oeste's Touched by An Outlaw ("Tomoko")

GCh. Oeste's American Idol ("Carrie") 
MRBIS MBISS GChG. Oeste's Flirt'n with an Outlaw R.O.M. ("Feliz")
BISS Ch. Oeste's Whole Lotta Island Romance ("Rory")
Ch. Oeste's Sweet Island Girl ("Candy")

Ch. Oeste's Sweet Island Outlaw ("Mateo")
Ch. Oeste's Queen of Romance ("Rania")
Ch. Oeste's Merry Little Outlaw ("Merrily")
BIS RBISB GCh. Oeste's Stealing the Starlight ("Lucia")

Ch. Oeste's Top Gun ("Cruz")
GCh. Oeste's Summer Solstice ("Sacha")
Ch. Oeste's Heaven Only Knows ("Gamba")
Ch. Oeste's She Like to Move It ("Minzy")
Ch. Marcosa's Yes I Can Adore U ("Dori")
GCh. Marcosa's Officially on Time ("Rolex")

BISS GCh. Oeste's Always so Flirtatious ("Vivien")
GCh. Marcosa's Heart of an Outlaw ("Gunny")
Ch. Oeste's Always Flirt'n with You ("Ginger")
Ch. Oeste's Sweet Island Affair ("Tabitha")
Ch. Oeste's Outlaw Justice ("Justin")
GCh. Oeste's Always in my Heart ("Tory")

GCh. Marcosa's Without Warning ("Intrigue")
Ch. Oeste's Outlaw Masquerade ("Cadiz")
GCh. Oeste's Affair with an Outlaw ("Avila")
Ch. Oeste's Spirit of an Outlaw ("Aragon")

MBIS MBISS GChG. Oeste's In the Name of Love ("Bono")
Ch. Oeste's Shimmering Star ("Adele")
Ch. Oeste's Stealing the Show ("Raider")

Ch. Oeste's Flirt Alert ("Tosca") 
Ch. Oeste's Legally Blond ("Elle")

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